Your vacation time is precious and important to you. But you’re not into cruises or all-inclusive resorts in a tourist bubble. You’re all about traveling and blending in; fitting in with the locals, really experiencing your destination.

But traveling like that takes planning. And lots of it. And you’re busy. Very very busy.

So trust allé to curate your adventure so you can focus on relaxing, enjoying and exploring.

At allé, your personal travel planner has, at minimum, spent considerable time at your destination(s). This travel planner gets to know you and your travel clan and develops, re-develops, and perfects your adventure. What you get is a trip fully catered to you, your preferences and your budget.

The motivation around these parts is the traveler’s satisfaction, not commissions with companies who serve bus-loads of tourists. For this reason, allé charges a flat by-the-travel-day fee to plan your entire trip from where you’ll be sleeping to what you’ll be seeing and eating. And just like all good things in life, we boldly stand by our claim with a good old fashioned money back guarantee.

how it works

first allé gets to know you through a questionnaire of your travel habits and preferences, your budget and expectations; this is basically a travel personality test. 

second we kick things off with a quick meeting (literally or via the wonders of the internet) to put a face to the traveler and clarify any questions.

third your allé travel planner assembles a preliminary plan, including accommodation, where to eat, where to wander, etc.

fourth we then reconvene gather with you and your traveling team  and go over the plan. You get time to look over it, stew on it, and let your allé travel planner know your thoughts. 

fifth allé finalizes your allé travel packet. 

sixth a printed book of your customized travel plans is sent to you, along with an electronic copy for easy access while traveling.

go! you and yours jetset away; at any time during your trip you have 24/7 access to your allé travel planner for help, refining, clarifying or troubleshooting.

finally allé wants to hear all about your trip with a post-trip debrief; you tell us about your highs, your lows and everything in between.

allé travel packet contents

general destination overview a bit of history, cultural background, logistical fyi’s and the like. This is the kind of reading you’ll want to do before your trip, for information from what to pack to how to manage foreign currency exchange at your destination.

your adventure at a glance essentially a brief, at a glance summary of your trip.

day-by-day-by-day plan a detailed, day by day, hour by hour plan that is fully customized to your preferences and includes everything from transportation details and direction, accommodation information, food and drinks suggestions and all other activities, sights and experiences.

food plan a variety of suggestions to experience the local cuisine and food scene (if that’s what you’re into), information about what to eat where, which city is known for what and etc

experiences plan based on your preferences, plan of everything you do in between sleeping and eating- be it museums, cooking classes, walking tours, or bike exploring

transportation plan your flight over, tricks of the trade for local, in-city transportation, transportation in between cities and destinations

accommodation plan complete selection of accommodations including hotels, pensions, apartments and everything in between

detailed budget we’ll do the math on what you can expect to spend (of course, everything is planning around how much you want to spend) and offer you some tips on saving along the way, or suggestions on where to splurge if the mood strikes.

read more we know every trip has downtime (car rides, train rides and the like) and we know the kind of questions you’ll be asking, so we assemble some interesting articles, history and cultural information to keep you informed.

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let’s get planning

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