Top 19 Honeymoon Destinations for 2019

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One of the best parts of our job is helping couples decide where to go on their honeymoon. We love finding the perfect place that will give our clients exactly what they’re looking for – from surfing at the beach and discovering temples to skiing down hills and exploring flea markets. And each year we’re inspired by new hot places and old favorites that steal our hearts. So what are the top honeymoon destinations for 2019?

From the rolling hills of Tuscany to the beaches of Thailand, here are our picks for the top 19 honeymoon destinations for 2019. Plus, we also tell you the best time of year to visit these honeymoon hot spots!

Spring honeymoon destinations for 2019


Cefalu, Sicily
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An island off the coast of one of the most popularly visited destinations in the world, Sicily is best visited in the spring, when the region is relatively free of the large tourist groups. March is still a bit chilly, so if you want to hit the beaches and Sicily’s crystal blue water it’s best to do so in May. But if you want to visit the historical sites or go cycling/hiking in Sicily’s mountains, then early spring will provide weather that is blissfully pleasant, and wildflowers that are in full bloom, making for gorgeous photo ops. If it’s food you’re going for, there is never a bad time to take advantage of the delicious pasta, seafood, produce and pastries that Sicily has to offer!  


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This beautiful part of France wakes up from its winter nap in the spring; with hotels, restaurants and markets gearing up for the peak summer season. March still tends to be a bit chilly, however April and May are perfect for all kinds of activities. In spring, the moors are filled with poppies, irises, rosemary, and dozens of other wildflowers, which are equally, if not more intriguing, than Provence’s famous lavender fields. Head to one of the charming little towns with their markets full of springtime produce such as asparagus and artichokes, and open-air cafes, perfect for soaking up some coffee and sunshine. Take in the flower festivals, food festivals, music and vineyard feasts all happening in the spring in Provence. Spring is the perfect time to hike in the countryside of Aubagne or explore the coastline, indulge in some boating or go white water rafting. And if you’re a couple that likes to party, head to legendary St. Tropez. Still think that Provence is only a summer-worthy destination?


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A country of extremes, Morocco tends to have extremely hot summers, and chilly winters, especially at night time. Spring is one of the best times to visit because the winter chill is just waning, while summer is still a couple of months away. An added bonus? There are fewer crowds during this season too! This is the perfect time to amble around the bazaars, hike up the Atlas mountains, go on a desert safari or explore the sleepy fishing villages and historic forts dotted around the country without feeling like you’ve sweated out almost half your body weight. While the water along the coastline might be a bit on the chilly side, it’s still within the peak season for some big swells if you want to catch the surf. And if it’s colorful festivals you’re interested in, spring is the best time! The International Nomad Festival is held in March, while the Berber Migration can be seen in May. May is also the time to catch the Kelaa-des-Mgouna Rose Festival, where hundreds of tonnes of rose petals are harvested, and a Rose Queen is chosen amidst traditional dance, music and food.


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With the bitter cold left far behind, Japan is firmly in spring. The milder temperatures bring with them the cherry blossom bloom, and the entire country is beautifully ablaze in the cheery pink and white colors everywhere. If you still want to catch the snow or the iconic monkeys bathing in the hot springs, then early March is your best bet. But if it’s the cherry blossoms you are coming to see, then late March, April and May are the best time to visit, as this is when the entire nation comes out for ‘hanami’ or ‘flower viewing,’ and other spring festivals are held around the country. This is also when the iconic hikes and forest trails are particularly pleasant to do. If it’s beaches you’re looking for, then Okinawa’s beaches are balmy year-round. To visit Japan in spring is a wonderful time, but just make sure to avoid the crowded ‘Golden Week,’ a series of public holidays which begins at the end of April and runs up to the first week of May.


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The jolly, beer loving Emerald Isle is a popular destination year-round, but is particularly spectacular during spring. Wildflowers are blooming everywhere, the weather is particularly pleasant, and the hordes of tourists won’t arrive until the peak of summer. On the 17th of March, the Irish celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, which is a fairly raucous affair. Celtfest is another festival held in March in Cork, which highlights Celtic music and art. Road trips are a fantastic experience, no matter which part of the island you want to explore. But rest assured, you’ll be treated to gorgeous scenery, oodles of history, fantastic beer, and friendly Irish hospitality no matter where you go in Ireland.

Summer honeymoon destinations for 2019


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If you’re after sunny days, warm seas and adventure sports, Croatia in the summertime should be calling your name. In the winter, much of the country is cold and closed to tourists. But in the summer, Croatia is buzzing with tourists and locals alike taking to the streets to enjoy the summer air and activities. The blissfully warm days and perfect water temperatures make swimming in the ocean a must-do for your Croatian honeymoon. Summer is also the perfect time to enjoy open-air cultural events like Croatia’s many music festivals. Of course, summer also means more crowds and more heat. Avoid parts of the interior where the heat can get too intense. And aim to enjoy popular cities, like Dubrovnik, in the evening after the cruise ship day-trippers have left.


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Slovenia’s beauty lies in its lush forests, scenic hiking trails and warm waters. And the best time to enjoy everything outdoors is in the summer. Head to famous Lake Bled or Lake Bohinj for a swim, explore waterfalls, hike through greenery, jump on a zipline, or go kayaking for the afternoon. Slovenia has endless options for an active couple who wants to get outside during their honeymoon. It’s also a great place for city dwellers, with Ljubljana coming alive with outdoor cafes and picnics all summer long. While Slovenia’s beautiful nature and unbeatable coast are no secret in the summer, they are certainly less crowded than many other European locales. Enjoy this slice of paradise before the rest of the world catches on!


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Like its neighbors, Croatia and Slovenia, Montenegro is a wonderful place to be in the summer. In fact, we suggest making an Adriatic Sea road trip and fitting in all three countries! During the hot summer months, crowds will flock to Montenegro’s coast and you definitely won’t find yourself alone on the beach. But the perfectly warm water and stunning views will more than make up for it. If you’ve had enough of the heat and the crowds, head inland. Montenegro’s interior national parks are home to lush mountains and more comfortable temperatures – perfect for hiking and taking in the views. Check out Cetinje and Lake Skadar, which is warm enough to swim in without the baking temperatures you may find on the coast.


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Bali is paradise in many travelers’ eyes, so it’s no wonder it made our top 19 honeymoon destinations for 2019. Who could say no to lush greenery, fresh fruit, stunning temples and perfect beaches? In Bali, you’ll find a warm and tropical climate all year round. So why do we recommend heading there in the summer? Because summer is Bali’s dry season. You’ll have warm and dry days, with less humidity and little rain, as well as breezy evenings along the coast and in the highlands. It’s the perfect time for surfing, diving and trekking through hills and up volcanoes. Spending your summer honeymoon in Bali also allows you to enjoy the Bali Kite Festival and Bali Arts Festival.


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This one is for the wild adventurous couples out there! Home to one of the most ancient rainforests in the world, this island is filled with an unimaginable level of biodiversity. The tip of the island also falls in the Coral Triangle, known for having the highest number of coral reef species in the world. The best time to go to this wildlife wonderland is during the summer when the dry season is ongoing. The fruiting trees draw in the orangutans, increasing your sighting chances, while on the sea side, turtles can be seen on Lankayan Island. Those wanting to snorkel or scuba dive are in for a treat, as visibility is often more than 100 feet.

Fall honeymoon destinations for 2019


Relaxing honeymoon in Italy - Tuscany
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The beautiful fall colors start to dominate the landscape, and come September, the autumn harvest is in full swing in Tuscany, Italy. The charming villages all around the region hold food festivals where one can enjoy the harvest bounty in the form of delicious and rustic meals. This is also the time of Vendemmia, or grape picking for producing wine, and is one of the best times for visiting a winery. Pleasant temperatures all around the region make for great road tripping to explore the rustic towns. Explore the Renaissance cities and the beautiful piazzas and museums they have to offer. From October-end, the southern towns start preparing for the olive harvest as well – a delicious time to visit Tuscany!


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Portugal is the perfect fall honeymoon destination as the high temperatures and large crowds of summer have taken their leave. In their place will be fall foliage (yes, it’s not just New England that gets beautiful autumnal colors) and every reason to visit a winery, or twelve. Fall is harvest season, so expect the grape harvest and colors of the Douro Valley to be in full swing. And to pair with your wine, fall is also the season for Portugal’s honey festival, chestnut festival and mushroom festival. In early fall, you’ll find that the weather in Portugal is still very pleasant and that the beaches are less crowded. It’s the perfect time to take in the city sights, go hiking in the mountains or enjoy the coast that you’ll have all to yourselves.


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Curacao, “C” of the Caribbean ABC islands, is one of our favorite places to recommend to honeymooners. Why? Unlike many other Caribbean locales, Curacao escapes hurricane season completely. Which makes visiting in the fall absolutely perfect! While other nearby islands experience heavy rains and hurricanes, Curacao only sees sunshine, with temperatures in the mid-80s. The weather is always warm and the water is always perfect for clear diving and snorkeling. In the fall, the winds die down meaning the waters around Curacao are calm and perfect for all of your boating, kayaking and underwater activities. And if it does rain, you don’t have much to worry about. Rain in Curacao comes in short bursts, often at night or early morning, so won’t ruin your day. As an added bonus, the fall is off-peak season for Curacao, meaning you’ll enjoy smaller crowds and lower prices during your island stay.

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Greece is a popular honeymoon destination – perfect for those who want to soak up a little history, go island hopping and enjoy delicious Greek cuisine. But in the summer, it’s hard to enjoy much of anything in Greece thanks to the soaring high temperatures, onslaught of tourists and spike in prices. Which is exactly why we recommend visiting Greece in the fall. In September and October, you’ll still find the sea warm enough to swim in, but you won’t need to battle the summer crowds. There also won’t be any rain to contend with as the weather is still pleasant. It’s also the perfect temperature for exploring ancient ruins and archaeological sites – enjoying the end of summer tourist hours before things close down for the winter months. Fall is also harvest season in Greece so prepare for delicious produce as well as the Fistiki Festival, celebrating pistachios.

Winter honeymoon destinations for 2019


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While Thailand is a destination that can be enjoyed year-round, it’s from November onwards that the heat cools down to a pleasant temperature that makes the visit even more memorable. This is also when the country sees some of the lowest rainfall in the year. Both the coastlines have some of the best conditions for scuba diving and snorkeling. The south does still receive rainfall until December, but the east and west coasts are perfect for beach lovers. The winter months are the perfect time to head up north to visit Chiang Mai, and the numerous treks that can be done in the pristine forests and beautiful mountains. With the humidity at an all time low, this is also the perfect time to get your shopping and eating game on in Bangkok or Pattaya.


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Mexico is a popular place to head to in the winter months, and for good reason. This warm locale is a haven for North Americans looking to escape the cold and the snow. But it’s about more than just all-inclusive resorts (sorry, we’re never going to shut up about this). And yes, it’s absolutely safe. Head off the resort to discover more of Mexico’s incredible food, beautiful beaches, historic ruins, interesting cities and rich culture. In winter, you’ll have missed Mexico’s torrential rain and worrisome hurricane season. You’ll also be in Mexico in time for the Monarch Butterfly migration. Our favorite corners of the country are foodie-haven Oaxaca, wildlife-rich Baja California and boho-chic Tulum.

Sri Lanka

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The island nation may be small, however it is affected by two different monsoons which determines which coast is the best for visiting. In December, the northeastern monsoon is winding down, the national parks are teeming with wildlife, and the southern coastline is perfect for the surf and the whales. The lush greenery makes it the perfect time to head out to the romantic hillside and tea gardens, while the drier western coastline is perfect for cultural exploration and scuba diving.


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While Colombia is a year-round destination, this often depends on which part of the country you are visiting. Its proximity to the equator means that along the coastline the weather is stable throughout the year and by November-end the rains taper off in the lowlands. In the mountainous regions, December marks the start of the dry season, but beware, nightime can still be chilly in the mountains! This is when high season starts, and in December and January, places tend to be quite crowded due to the Christmas holidays, while February and March are less so. But this is also when Colombia has some of its most iconic festivals, from Carnival in January, the Barranquilla Carnival in February, and several film and theatre festival in March, along with Easter and Holy Week celebrations happening in almost every major city.

New Zealand

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December heralds the start of summer in New Zealand, and while there will still be some sporadic showers of rain, these should gradually decrease over the month. The Pohutukawa trees start blooming by this month, and this is the perfect time to hit the beaches. If you prefer your ocean water a bit towards the warmer side, it is better to go to New Zealand in January or February, when it’s warmest. Summer season is when the festivals start in full-swing, and from Auckland, to Taranaki, to Wellington, there are outdoor gigs and theatre shows happening in every major city. With this being the season when berries and other fruit start ripening, and lupines are flowering throughout – such a stunning burst of colors makes for a beautiful road trip!

Feeling inspired yet? Which one of our top 19 honeymoon destinations for 2019 has your heart? Let us know!