• Using allé for our Iceland trip was perfect. With the app, the maps, and the printed guide, we were definitely set when we landed in Iceland. The guide outlined our day in a snapshot, then detailed it and gave helpful hints, and included all confirmations for flight, hotel, and any reservations in one place. It was also flexible and gave options for meals or stops which we could opt in or out of depending on how we felt that day or how much time we wanted to spend at any given place. In the beginning, I thought allé would do the work I would normally do myself (as someone who likes to plan), but they even exceeded that. They really know how to travel and I recommend them to anyone looking for a fulfilling travel experience.

    Jennifer and Zeb Traveled to Iceland, January 2017
  • Excellent! Polly and Irina were wonderful to work with and truly tailored our trip to us and our interests. The planning process was easy, extremely detailed and very thorough, which was exactly what I was looking for! I know our time in Australia wouldn't have been as fun and worth while if we didn't use allé to plan our adventure!

    Amy and Chris Traveled to Australia, January 2017
  • Using alle for our travel experience was phenomenal. All of the details are planned out with a fine toothed comb, the suggestions for places to eat and other to-do's in addition to what was already planned out for us was great to have. Communication with you guys was easy and you were always very responsive to questions and inquiries. We will definitely be recommending your services to friends and family!

    Amber and Tim Traveled to Costa Rica, January 2017
  • You are fantastic, amazing. Can't wait to plan our next trip with you.

    Schwarcz family Traveled to Iceland, August 2016
  • "The ask allé service is exactly what my fiance and I were looking for in planning our honeymoon to Bali!  Between the extremely informative call with Polly on the ins and outs of traveling to Bali for the first time and the packet of invaluable information given to us after our call, we are beyond excited.  So excited, in fact, that we booked our flight to Bali the very next day!"

    Teddy and Geoff
  • We had allé plan our honeymoon- which was a trip to the Italian and French Riviera. My husband wanted to rent a car but had never driven in Europe, so our planner at allé (Irina) spent some time walking us through the process and making sure we would be comfortable with it. In the end, it was an amazing trip! There was so much coordination to be done with the driving and the directions and the different stops we were making and there’s no way we could have done it without allé. Thank you thank you!"

    Christina Jones | Age 29 Baltimore, Maryland, USA | Traveled May 2015
  • Our family loves to travel and we try to go on at least one trip together a year. This time, we decided we wanted to venture into Asia, but the task of planning a trip there felt so overwhelming. For this reason, it was great to work with our planner from allé to plan our trip to Thailand and Vietnam- I felt like she really got to know our family, even the likes and dislikes of each of us and planned a trip that was really suited to all of us. What I especially admired was how much she respected our budget. When you are footing the bill for a family of 5, it’s impossible not to go over budget and somehow she even helped us manage that. We’re not sure what next year’s destination will be for us, but I’m sure we’ll be turning to allé to plan it for us. It’s definitely money well-spent."

    Joan Akerson | Age 52 Manchester, England, UK | Traveled April 2014
  • I recently proposed to my girlfriend in Yucatan, Mexico.  As someone that stresses out over the details, having allé plan our trip allowed me to plan the perfect surprise proposal. My girlfriend and I worked with allé to plan a week and a half long trip that more than satisfied my interests in Mayan Archaeology and wildlife biodiversity and her interests in good eats and relaxing beaches. I then worked with allé on the side to coordinate my proposal plans. I knew I wanted to pop the question on top of a Mayan pyramid and allé put together an itinerary that gave me just that opportunity! The entire trip was incredibly well planned and could not have been more enjoyable. It was the perfect mix of excitement and relaxation. And the best news is she said YES! My girlfriend, oops Fiance, and I will definitely be using allé to plan our upcoming honeymoon.

    Jonathan Farber | Age 28 Chicago, Illinois, USA | Traveled July 2015

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