Riana Ang-Canning

What I do here at allé: I’ve turned my long term hobby of travel research into a dream job where I get to plan epic trips for clients to incredible destinations all around the world. In addition to my work as a travel planner, I’m also the allé content guru, responsible for our blog and social media channels!

My favorite place in the world: I always go back to London as my favourite city in the world. It’s where I started my first solo trip and first trip to Europe, and I’ve been back almost a dozen times since. My top five favourite places would also include Amsterdam, Cape Town, San Francisco and Japan!

My next adventure: I’m currently writing this from the airport in Tokyo! But my next adventure will be moving from Canada to the UK where I hope to explore as much of Europe as possible.

Everything else you need to know about me: I’ve travelled to almost 40 countries across six continents, spending time working, studying and volunteering along the way. Outside of travel, I love musicals, Survivor (yes, that show is still on!), sushi and cuddling with my pup on the couch!

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