How is allé different from any other travel agent?

At allé, there is no set formula for any trip, no tour group operators that we always work with, or hotels that we have special arrangements with. At allé, your personal travel planner creates a trip that is completely unique and customized to you and your travel mate(s)- whether it’s a honeymoon, a multigenerational trip or a vacation just because- you can be assured that the trip will be exactly what it would be if you had the time, energy and expertise to personally plan it yourself. Also, at allé, we only take on trips if we can match you up with an experienced travel planner who has spent a considerable amount of time at your destination. As a result, you’re not only tapping into their planning and coordination skills, but also their wisdom and experiences at your destination of choice.

Why does allé cost money and other travel agents work for free?

It’s all a matter of motivation, and as you may have heard, money talks. If you have an offer from a travel agent that is willing to plan your trip for free, you should be aware that it doesn’t mean that they are really altruistic and want to help you even if it means working with you for free; rather, it means that they are getting paid commissions off of all of the elements of the trip that they are planning for you- like your airfare, your hotel, your tours and entertainment. And although this may not bother you (why should you care if someone else is footing the bill, right?) do keep in mind that your travel agent is human, and as such if there is a financial reward tied to booking a certain hotel for you, they are going to book the hotel with which they get paid higher or better commissions, which may not necessarily be the hotel that will meet the needs of you and your travel mates the most. Additionally, trips planned with allé go much, much further than the average travel agent planned trips- your travel planner at allé will assemble a personal guide book for you that includes all relevant logistical details, concrete details on any and all transportation (buses, trains, or driving), lodging information and even where and when to eat- all this based on your preferences and comfort level, of course. Here is an example of a trip planned by one of our travel planners.

What if I’m on a budget and don’t really have a lot of money to spend on a trip?

No problem at all! One of the first things we like to get to know about you is what your budget expectations are for your travels, and throughout the planning process we stay incredibly true and respectful to your budget. We have found that typically, there is no budget that is too low, but we certainly work with you to make sure that the expectations that you have of your trip are aligned with your budget. We have experience planning all kinds of trips- from the uber luxurious to the ultra thrifty so you can be sure your budget and your hard earned money will be in good hands at allé.

How involved will I be in the planning process?

Your biggest assignment will be to thoughtfully fill out your travel habits questionnaire which we like to describe as a travel personality test. After that, there will be direct communication between you and your travel planner throughout the planning process (only some, we promise not to pester you too much and we really respect your time). Once your allé travel planner assembles your preliminary travel plan, we ask that you look over it and make sure everything is to your liking, or give your travel planner feedback on what you would like changed. And then viola! Your travel plan will be finalized and sent over to you in both PDF and hard copy.

What if I have no idea where I want to go?

We live in a beautiful, amazing world with so much opportunity to go see and experience- if you’re not sure where you want to go but know that you want to go- awesome. We’ll get to know you, your preferences, your likes and dislikes and dreams and desires and suggest some possible locations and let you make the final call. Then we’ll get to work on planning the perfect trip that is custom made just for you and your travel mate(s).

How far in advance do you recommend for my trip to be planned?

It depends slightly based on where and when you want to go, but generally, it’s easiest to engage allé about three to six months before your trip. We have planned trips as far out as a year and as last minute as tomorrow. Get in touch with us and we’ll talk more about timing, but generally it just depends on you, your destination and your preferences.

Do you help with booking airfare and accommodations? What about things like visas?

We certainly can, if you like. As a part of our basic planning package, we typically curate and select the best airfare and accommodation options for you, but if you would like your allé experience to be more all-inclusive in nature we can also book all airfare and accommodations on your behalf for an extra 3% fee of all services booked. As far as visas are concerned, we’ll certainly give you all necessary information on any visas you may need prior to your trip and put you in touch with our trusted visa consultants if needed to handle all of your visa logistics and coordination.

What if something goes wrong during the trip itself?

We know that life is life and sometimes sh*t hits the fan. Which isn’t too fun if you’re trying to relax on your vacation in a foreign country. That’s why allé has your back, even throughout the duration of your travels you will be able to reach your travel advisor (who knows your travel plans forward and backward) at a moment’s notice either by email, phone, skype or text message. We stay on call throughout the duration of your travels to make sure everything goes as planned.

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