We’ve taken all the work out of planning a romantic getaway to Bali and put it all together in one allé signature plan that doesn’t leave you with more questions than answers. This is a distilled, ready to use travel plan with our go-to’s for best accommodations, activities, experiences and places to eat.


This trip has been designed with lovebirds in mind.

$1,500 – 3,500

Approximate trip expenses in Bali for two, excluding airfare.

7 – 14 days

Plan to spend about 7 to 14 days in Bali for the best experience.

Hike verdant rice paddies

Greens brighter than you’ve ever seen as far as the eye can see; inland Bali thrives on agriculture, and there are countless rice paddies waiting to be discovered.


Become a master chef.

There’s no better way to experience a culture than through your stomach; and by cooking the food yourselves. A day spent at a local market and then cooking up specialties is one you’ll remember forever.


Beach bum.

The world’s most beautiful beaches are in Bali, that’s for sure. You can beach hop to your hearts content, or go on a lovely hike that connects beach to beach and stretches for miles.


Immerse yourself in culture.

Not just any cookie cutter sea and sun island, Bali has a thriving culture of its own, and there are countless temples, festivals and local specialties to explore.


allé signature plans include

Planning for your trip 
Everything you need to know in preparation for your trip- from what kind of converters to get so you can use your blowdrier to shots and health insurance options and everything in between.

So you can stop Googling trains vs. rental cars vs. flying; or if it’s actually safe to drive at your destination. Or any of the other transportation-type questions that always come up with a trip abroad- we’ve got all the answers, bite size and to the point. All you have to do is actually make the booking; we’ve figured everything out for you. 

Activities and experiences 
We are all about experiential, once in a lifetime, the-stories-you-will-be-telling-forever kind of travel; and allé signature travel plans focus in on the best of the best experiences- we’ll tell you the best route for sightseeing, and of course walk you through it step by step. We’ll tell you what the best guided hike is, or how to do it yourself.

We’ll tell you the best places to stay- from airbnbs to hotels, in a range of budgets. This isn’t like a random Google search though; we break it down with all the essential information you need, pictures included. All you have to do is pick one and make the reservation. 

Where to eat / what to eat
Let’s be honest- eating is one of the best parts of traveling. We give you information on the best places to eat- everything from the super fancy to the street food cart. We’ll also tell you the best things on their menu, the best time time to go, and how much you can expect to spend there.

Custom map
Hands down the worst part of traditional guidebooks is that they don’t tell you where anything is; except for an address. But who actually uses addresses and paper maps these days? allé signature plans come with custom online maps that easily synch with Google maps, or a variety of other GPS systems. So getting from point A to point B is as easy as the click of a button.


Online access

Online access to the complete allé signature plan for Bali. You can come back to it time and time again, and you can open it on all your devices.


Online access + printed plan

Online plan + we’ll mail you a printed version of the plan, for convenient access during your travels and a great momento of your trip once you’re back home.

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