We custom craft experiential and completely one of a kind trips for independent travelers who want truly experience their destinations.

You love adventure- be it hiking to the caldera of a volcano, tasting your way through a food market or going deep sea fishing on a local’s boat. Cruises and all-inclusive resorts bore you to no end. You’re all about experiencing your travels through all of your senses, fitting in with the locals and eating at restaurants guidebooks haven’t even caught wind of yet. But traveling like that takes planning. And lots of it (approximately 52 hours, according to research). So trust your allé travel planner to handle every detail of your travels so you can focus on relaxing, enjoying and exploring.

personalized service

No algorithms here; you get paired with a travel planner, a human (!) who plans your entire trip.

the best of the best

Your planner knows your destination inside out. You’ll get the best, custom picked for your interests.

our app at your fingertips

Directions, confirmations, receipts, insider details, access to your travel planner 24/7 included.

  • Using allé for our Iceland trip was perfect. With the app, the maps, and the printed guide, we were definitely set when we landed in Iceland. The guide outlined our day in a snapshot, then detailed it and gave helpful hints, and included all confirmations for flight, hotel, and any reservations in one place. It was also flexible and gave options for meals or stops which we could opt in or out of depending on how we felt that day or how much time we wanted to spend at any given place. In the beginning, I thought allé would do the work I would normally do myself (as someone who likes to plan), but they even exceeded that. They really know how to travel and I recommend them to anyone looking for a fulfilling travel experience.

    Jennifer and Zeb
    Jennifer and Zeb Traveled to Iceland, January 2017

how we work

We get to know you with a questionnaire of your travel habits, preferences, budget, and expectations.


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We create a preliminary plan.

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You look over a preliminary plan, sleep on it and we reconvence to make any changes and adjustments.


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We work our magic: booking, reserving and coordinating.

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You receive your trip plan.


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  • Excellent! Polly and Irina were wonderful to work with and truly tailored our trip to us and our interests. The planning process was easy, extremely detailed and very thorough, which was exactly what I was looking for! I know our time in Australia wouldn't have been as fun and worth while if we didn't use allé to plan our adventure!

    Amy and Chris
    Amy and Chris Traveled to Australia, January 2017

all allé custom travel plans include

Before you go document
Everything you need to know in preparation for your trip- from what kind of converters to get so you can use your blowdrier to health insurance options and everything in between.

Preliminary plan
A draft of your trip to give you a general sense of flow; this is how we get started, your travel planner then goes over it with you, we fine-tune based on your feedback and then we fill in all the picture perfect details, as per your chosen travel planning package (below).

Final trip plan in the allé app
Forget that feeling of having confirmations and portions of your trip saved throughout your inboxes- your complete trip plan can be accessed through the allé app, with everything in one place. It’s also fully integrated with Google Maps, so you’ll never have to ask for directions or use a map.

Transportation and logistics
We’re talking planes, trains, automobiles, ferries, busses- everything to and from your destination, and between various cities during your trip. We coordinate, book and manage all the transportation elements of your trip.

We recommend three options per city (including hotels, airbnbs, bed and breakfasts) that fit your tastes, budget and have availability during your travel dates. We coordinate, book and manage all of your selected accommodations.

  • Using alle for our travel experience was phenomenal. All of the details are planned out with a fine toothed comb, the suggestions for places to eat and other to-do's in addition to what was already planned out for us was great to have. Communication with you guys was easy and you were always very responsive to questions and inquiries. We will definitely be recommending your services to friends and family!

    Amber and Tim
    Amber and Tim Traveled to Costa Rica, January 2017

simple pricing

$135/ day at your destination

This isn’t your grandmother’s travel agency, and don’t believe in packaged trips, tour groups or percent-based commissions. We aren’t salespeople, we are travel planners. With allé, your travels are custom-crafted from the ground up. Everything is meticulously curated to maximize your enjoyment as well as your budget; we make sure sure you get the absolute best of everything your money can buy.

Get to know us and our team with a brief call and start the planning process for the trip of a lifetime!

  • You are fantastic, amazing. Can't wait to plan our next trip with you.

    Schwarcz family
    Schwarcz family Traveled to Iceland, August 2016

our clients say

My experience planing a honeymoon/anniversary to Hawaii was so easy using Allé travel. We worked closely with Polly,...

Posted by Dana Becker on Saturday, December 31, 2016

When planning our honeymoon, my fiancee and I went back and forth about whether we wanted pay for a travel planner. (We'...

Posted by Taylor Vollmer on Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Polly and Irina were wonderful to work with and truly tailored our trip to us and our interests! The planning process...

Posted by Amy Nelson on Saturday, January 28, 2017

Travel like you mean it.

Leave the coordination and planning to us, you’ve got better things to focus on.

We’ll get the conversation started with a free consultation, provide you with a complete quote for our services, and then we’ll roll up our sleeves and get to work.

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