one of a kind

unforgettable experiences

personalized service

Custom crafted to your fit your interests, travel style and budget.

Experiences that make for the best of memories.

We are real-life, ultra helpful humans.

We’re obsessed with sublime, breathtaking
experiences and sights  that you'll be talking about for years to come.

our planning process includes

Before you go guide

Everything you need to know in preparation for your honeymoon- from what kind of converters to get so you can use your blow dryer to health insurance options and everything in between.

A draft of your trip to give you a general sense of flow; this is how we get started, your travel planner then goes over it with you, we fine-tune based on your feedback and then we fill in all the picture perfect details.

Preliminary plan

Final trip plan in the allé app

Forget that feeling of having confirmations and portions of your trip saved throughout your inboxes- your complete trip plan can be accessed through the allé app, with everything in one place. It’s also fully integrated with Google Maps, so you’ll never have to ask for directions or use a map.

Transportation and logistics

We’re talking planes, trains, automobiles, ferries, busses- everything to and from your destination, and between various cities during your honeymoon. We coordinate, book and manage all the transportation elements of your trip.


We recommend three options per city (including hotels, airbnbs, bed and breakfasts) that fit your tastes, budget and have availability during your travel dates. We coordinate, book and manage all of your selected accommodations.

the allé app

we ❤️ our clients, our clients ❤️ us

Couples love us! See our reviews on The Knot.
My husband and I used alle travel for our honeymoon to New Zealand this February and we cannot stop gushing about how wonderful our experience was! After planning a giant wedding and experiencing many different vendors, we can easily say that alle travel was the best investment we made! Everything about alle travel is absolutely wonderful! We were impressed throughout the entire process. Irina and Polly are professional, thoughtful, and incredibly committed to making sure their clients have a wonderful experience. We have taken several trips setup by planners to locations around the globe. This was the singular best planning we've encountered. The fact that our schedule and trip was accessible and updated through an app rather than a paper itinerary was a revelation. It will be harder to travel anywhere without that. In addition to the app, the entire planning process is completely customizable to your interests and way of traveling. Alle travel goes beyond typical travel planners because they know the countries they plan trips to and they know the best restaurants, experiences, and lodging. We do not plan to take another trip without them!  
 Ashley C, February 2018; honeymooned in New Zealand  

allé travel planning
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allé is the way to go! The planned our honeymoon to Italy and Portugal and it was the most amazing trip! They get to know you and the type of experiences you want on your trip. They also work within your budget. The whole experience was well thought out and so worth having a planner. There is no way we would have been able to create this trip on our own! The app they have is amazing (I want one for life every day now because it kept me so organized). The app has each day of trip with extensive details like when when to leave, how long the walk/drive is, links to maps, links to tickets/receipts, etc. There is also some flexibility which was really nice for us. They had a few options for lunch or optional sights to see, for example, so you don't have to have literally every minute planned (unless you want to!). They were super responsive if any issues came up, and it was very comforting knowing we had someone to turn to if we had questions. I highly recommend working with allé!
Laura B, September 2017; honeymooned in Italy and Portugal


This isn’t your grandmother’s travel agency; we aren’t salespeople, we are travel planners.
With allé, your honeymoon is custom-crafted from the ground up. Everything is meticulously curated to maximize your enjoyment as well as your budget; we ensure you get the absolute best of everything your money can buy.

Let's get to work on planning the
best. trip. ever.

let's talk

let's talk!

At allé, we plan extraordinary, custom, honeymoons that are all about you. There's no such thing as packages or algorithms in our world; first we get to know you, then we create a trip just for you. After all, this should be your best. trip. ever.

$159 / day at your destination

We plan 

extraordinary honeymoons.

how we work

We get to know you.

We create a preliminary plan.

You review and give us feedback.

We work our magic: booking, reserving and coordinating.

You receive your trip plan.

experiences for a lifetime.

relaxing in the best of ways.

It's finally your time for blissful, undisrupted relaxation
island hopping, between secluded beaches and kicking it with a great book.

the most delicious of travels.

 The best food experiences-  markets, shacks by the side of the road, fine dining or even full-on cooking classes with the pros.

the most special places to sleep.

your phone as your guide.

The boutique, the local and the extra special is our favorite kind-
tiny resorts, boutique hotels, glamping, villas, bungalows...

The allé app is your guide, and it's the only guide you'll ever need;
all the logistics are here so you can focus on each other instead. 

meet the team


Alle is the most detail-oriented and customer-centric company I could ever have imagined when starting to plan a honeymoon. From start to finish they will completely take care of you, especially amidst the tornado that is wedding planning. We barely needed to lift a finger, and they will take care of switching dinner reservations from their current location while we were hiking through Greece. They 100% deserve a five-star rating. I would recommend them to anyone planning a family holiday and especially such a big and special event as a honeymoon. Phenomenal.
Caroline R, October 2017; honeymooned in Greece




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