one of a kind

unforgettable experiences

personalized service

Custom crafted to your fit your interests, travel style and budget.

The adventures and experiences that make for the best of memories.

No algorithms or bots here. allé travel planners are real-life, ultra helpful humans.

how we work

We get to know you with a questionnaire of your travel habits, preferences, budget, and expectations.

We create a preliminary plan.

You look over a preliminary plan, sleep on it and we reconvence to make any changes and adjustments.

We work our magic: booking, reserving and coordinating.

You receive your trip plan.

experiences for a lifetime

We’re obsessed with the sublime, breathtaking experiences and sights that make honeymoons extraordinary. For some, that’s dinner at a chef’s flat in Cape Town or hiking the hidden trails of Sicily, and for others it’s truffle hunting in the French countryside or even learning to surf off the coast of Bali.

relaxing in the best of ways

Getting married is a lot of work, from the caterers to the in-laws. Your honeymoon is your time for blissful, undisrupted relaxation, and we’ll set you up for just that- whether it be island hopping between secluded beaches and coves or dipping into or picturesque hot springs with a view of the Northern Lights.

the most delicious of honeymoons

Eating is (often) the best part of traveling; there’s no better way to experience your destination than through a meal. We are relentless about recommending the best food experiences- be they markets, shacks by the side of the road, fine dining or even full on cooking classes with the pros.

the best places to sleep

Though we love the luxury of a 5* resort, we generally seek out the boutique, the local, the charming and unique. And they don’t just have to be hotels, either, we also love recommending private house, villas, apartment rentals or even glamping options for the ultra adventurous.

your phone as your guide

Every single element of your honeymoon, from your flight confirmation to real-time directions to that amazing beach you should check out is accessible through the allé travel app. Your phone is your guide, the best guide you’ll ever have. That way you can forget about the logistics and focus on having the time of your lives.

our process includes

Before you go document

Everything you need to know in preparation for your honeymoon- from what kind of converters to get so you can use your blow dryer to health insurance options and everything in between.

A draft of your trip to give you a general sense of flow; this is how we get started, your travel planner then goes over it with you, we fine-tune based on your feedback and then we fill in all the picture perfect details.

Preliminary plan

Final trip plan in the allé app

Forget that feeling of having confirmations and portions of your trip saved throughout your inboxes- your complete trip plan can be accessed through the allé app, with everything in one place. It’s also fully integrated with Google Maps, so you’ll never have to ask for directions or use a map.

Transportation and logistics

We’re talking planes, trains, automobiles, ferries, busses- everything to and from your destination, and between various cities during your honeymoon. We coordinate, book and manage all the transportation elements of your trip.


We recommend three options per city (including hotels, airbnbs, bed and breakfasts) that fit your tastes, budget and have availability during your travel dates. We coordinate, book and manage all of your selected accommodations.

the allé app

what our clients say about us

Couples love us! See our reviews on The Knot.
“We worked with Alle to plan our honeymoon and I can't say enough good things about Polly and Irina. They made it so easy to plan our trip to Thailand. They worked with us to plan a trip customized for us and what our interests were and didn't make us feel like they were sending us on a "cookie cutter" vacation. The experiences were unique and all recommendations turned out to be awesome. The planning process was organized and we never felt pressured to make fast decisions or decisions we weren't comfortable with. We will never plan a major vaca without them again!”
Aly N, Reviewed On 1/24/2017

allé travel planning

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“Irina is amazing! With all of the wedding planning, we really weren't up for planning a honeymoon as well. We weren't totally sure where we wanted to go for our honeymoon, but with Irina's help, we decided on South Africa and Mozambique. Irina picked the perfect resorts for our safari (SA) and beach (Mozambique). Before we left, we received a comprehensive booklet Irina and her team put together that detailed out every aspect of our travel, as well as topline information about the countries and their history. She really thought of every detail - she even had dinner delivered to our house on the night we got back! We will definitely use her for future trips.”
Lisa R, Reviewed On 9/13/2016
"Our experience planning a honeymoon/anniversary trip to Hawaii was so easy using Allé travel. We worked closely with Polly, who was in constant communication with us to help plan the exact trip we envisioned, while also providing us with several trip enhancements that we would not have thought of or known about ourselves. We started the planning process by giving allé a list of activities we were interested in doing (as well as our budget), and allé delivered. They did everything for us from booking our flights, finding hotels, as well as seeking out the best deals on unforgettable activities we didn’t even know existed. They made our anniversary trip spectacular with a personalized luau on the beach, whale watching, a day trip to Oahu, and many other activities while still allowing for plenty of time for us to lay out in the ocean sun and relax. Every day of our schedule was described in depth on a phone app that allé pre-programmed, which included activity times, locations, and thorough, customized descriptions of all the events that were selected for our trip. We are already looking forward to our next big adventure with allé travel!"
Dana B, Reviewed On 12/31/2016

our travel planning fees

This isn’t your grandmother’s travel agency, and don’t believe in packaged trips, tour groups or percent-based commissions. We aren’t salespeople, we are travel planners. 
With allé, your honeymoon is custom-crafted from the ground up. Everything is meticulously curated to maximize your enjoyment as well as your budget; we make sure sure you get the absolute best of everything your money can buy.


let's talk

let's talk!

At allé, we plan extraordinary, custom, honeymoons that are all about you. For some, that means a once in a lifetime road trip through the French and Italian riviera, while for others it means waking up in a beach bungalow on a secluded island in Fiji. Here you don’t have to work around fitting the mold; first we get to know you, then we create a trip just for you. After all, it’s not like this is your first trip together, but it should certainly be your best. trip. ever.

$148 / day at your destination

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